The Horror

from the archives

I was working late on a website last night and about 1am I took Sophie out to pee before bed. She went right away but shifted strangely while she was peeing – at the time I thought she was too close to the fence and just backing up, so dismissed it.

She came in, I got her bedtime treat and we headed to bed in the dark. Gave her the treat and got ready for bed myself.

By the time I was ready she was already in her bed. I petted her a bit and got in bed. Something smelled strange though. Couldn’t quite place it – kinda like stinkweed. Though maybe it was her breath after cleaning her bum..? But I was exhausted and my eyes were burning so I tried to go to sleep. Soon I hear a neighbors car alarm, ugh… what is this 1980? But there was that smell again. She must have stepped in something.

I got up and put a flashlight on her – globs of wet shit on her bed, and at least one foot clumped with it. Lovely. And the smell was overpowering now. She looked at me like she knew something was wrong and just sat still. Grabbed a trash can and toilet paper and picked up the poo and wiped her foot off – it was squished between her toes… she sat still and let me work.

OMG the smell was sickening. I searched the rest of the house and found the trail from the backdoor all the way to the bedroom, every 3 feet or so, a splat to wipe up. Rug, wood floor, tile, carpet, everything.

Now it’s bath time. Got her in the tub with a few inches of warm water and wiggled her offending foot around to shake off the poo in the water. It did and now it is a tub of poo soup.

The smell continues. A couple of tub empties and rinses later and she seems clean enough. Another inspection of the trail with a few more clean up spots and we are off to bed again – though I stuck her bed and the trash can in the garage – we’ll need new items there. I can still smell it…