Sophie troubles…

Sophie troubles,
Difficulty breathing increased over the last few weeks and led to finding inflamed lungs last Friday, per x-ray and has them looking at lymphoma or fungal – both have pretty harsh treatments if that is even possible. They gave her a furosemide/diuretic shot to remove fluid from lungs (though assured otherwise, I still suspect this for triggering the next event). After returning from the vet, she became suddenly blind – partially, but severe enough she walked/fell into our …pool which is how we realized it. She is only 9. Immediately took her to ER where she spent Friday night. Further x-rays, lung aspiration (small needle to grab cells, but no confirming results either way) and sat in oxygen tent for 12 hrs…
Been home since Saturday, able to rest but obviously freaked out by the blindness (it seems to get better or worse throughout the day – partial cloudiness – they think it is a reaction to whatever else is going on in her) and continues to struggle breathing. Ultrasound today to try to find a way to confirm diagnosis and prognosis either way on the lungs.

Unpleasant story, I know…
Thanks for listening

Sophie after lung aspiration
Sophie after lung aspiration
Sophie after lung aspiration
Sophie after lung aspiration
Sophie exhausted
Sophie exhausted

sophie not doing well

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Sophie not doing well. She was at ER last night. Earlier in the day I Got her home from vet yesterday about heavy breathing. I went to take her out back to pee and She was apparently blind all of a sudden and walked/fell into the pool.
Never done that.
Got her out and she could not see and was very disoriented. May have had a seizure? Who knows. Def blind so we took her to ER for that and her difficulty breathing. The vet earlier had taken X-rays and said her lungs were bright which could be fungus but maybe lymphoma and sent them to radiologist for review. The ER vet also took X-rays last night and wanted to aspirate her lungs to get a sample for confirmation that it wasn’t fungus. She stayed overnight for that and was in oxygen tent. He did not see evidence of fungus so presumes cancer and recommends an ultrasound to locate primary source.
She is home now but struggling to breath yet.
Big shaved patch where they tried to get fluid out of her lung area to test