just heard a jingle and looked up for you…

Working in my office, I just heard a collar tag jingle (maybe it was Charlie cat), and I instinctively looked up for you… :/ nope, not there

still not there

Good to hear your collar as you shake in this video – I really miss our walks, especially when you got wet and i had to dry you off. You knew the drill, face me, walk through my legs as I hit your front legs, belly, and rear legs. Good girl baby.

I don’t remember this one, but it’s a good one.

Sophie in April
Sophie in April 20150425

I don’t remember this one, but it looks like it’s from the golf course – tee box trashcan in the background. You must have been running around a bit and look a little out of breath. Canon T2i, no flash, so it was a “photo shoot”.

You did love the freedom of running around the course after hours. Nice soft grass on your feet. Unfortunately, your bad front ankles had you tripping on your face if you ran too hard. The slight hills seemed a problem for you. It broke my heart to see you want to run so bad and not be physically able to. A short trot or jog was all we could allow, knowing the pain anything more would cause you. Poor baby girl.

Rest in peace, sweet one.

I miss our small talk…

Always being around me, you were my conversation target at any time.
it wasn’t deep, not complex, just chatter, but it mattered
and i miss it every day

hey baby
hows my girl?
how you doin?
what’s a matter?
everything ok?
who’s that pretty girl?
hey Sophia
what’s a matter baby girl?
what are you doing?
come here
that’s my gurl
where’s my baby?
are you ok?
good girl
good job
there she is!
alright let’s go
wanna go outside?
let’s go
here we go
let’s go
alright, alright
where’s your frisbee?
get your frisbee
well go get it
there you go
good girl
go potty
come on
let’s go inside
good job
good girl
come on, get a drink
ready for bed?
wanna eat?
you hungry?
want some green beans?
wanna milk bone?
where’s your bear?
get the kitty
oh settle down
stop it
you just behave
good girl
come here
where that belly?
lemme get that tickle belly
lumpy girl
big stretch
that’s my girl
there you go
you ready for bed?
gimme hugs
that’s my girl
alright baby

I meant for this to be a more substantial post, but i just keep talking to you in my head, this chatter is non stop and these words were said so often,  I cant accept not saying them anymore
I can’t stop thinking about you
I regret letting you go more and more every day
I’m so sorry baby
I’m so sorry