Our connection was special

Thinking about you, I remember an observation a co-worker made after seeing us at a softball game together. I brought you to a game and had to tie you up near our bench while I played. You would cry when I went away from you even briefly, and wanted nothing to do with anyone trying to comfort you – you  were only interested in where I was or what I was doing. I had to switch with someone to play first base just to stay close to you and talk to you, comfort you, and sit with you between innings. They said I was a totally different person when I was with you and I agree- you made me a better person.

You would cry when I left you in the car even for a moment. Crying bloody murder! I recall stopping for gas and having to go inside to pee and you were crying so loud…

It reminds me it was a trip camping to possum kingdom to meet Pat and Steve’s families. Your first long road trip, you were pretty young. First encounter with Priscilla and pats dogs – none of them liked you.

Even trying to setup the tent, you cried like crazy because you had to stay in the car or when I then chained you to the camp site, you cried when I went back to the car to get stuff – oh my, you were a bit of a baby sometimes.

I remember the walks we would all take around PK campground and you always had to be out front – the lead dog. When we hiked up a small mountain, you dogs were all so hot and thirsty, but being so much out of your element, you refused to drink the water we tried to pour out for you in various containers – but none were “your” water bowl.

I remember it was a long drive yet, you were so excited by it all you never sat for more than a few seconds – back up standing, walking around the back, looking out the windows.

On the Lake Whitney camping trip a few yrs ago we had our share of excitement when you, after whining non-stop in the boat to get out, jumped over the side as we were in a large rocky area! You leapt out the bow and under water so quick I couldn’t stop it. I dove halfway out of the boat after you, grabbed you by the fur, and told DC to grab my ass to keep me from falling in with you 😮 scared the crap out of me that day miss.

I remember we had stopped at a Corsicana park on the way there so you could wander around, take care of business and drink water. We found out after we got to the site, that we left your nice big water bowl there… we stopped on the way back to try to find it, but someone had snatched it by then…

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