You visit my dreams

I continue to be visited by you in my dreams. You appear out of the blue and I am puzzled. You shouldn’t be here but I am overwhelmingly happy you are. I know it has got to be a dream but don’t care. You are there.
I hug you generously through the astonishment and show you to anyone around. Most don’t acknowledge you or act like it’s no big deal. I know it is a very big deal and focus all energy on getting as much out of you as I can before I wake. I know these moments may never come again and I need all I can get from you.
When I finally do wake, I am deeply sad yet don’t know why. It takes a long time realize I had another experience with you and while I enjoy what I can get out of it tremendously, I am left with that same emptiness when reality sets in and you are still gone.
Still missing you every day #sophiegoldendoodle

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